Albuquerque Cancer Coalition is a workgroup of the New Mexico Cancer Council. It is an alliance of cancer support agencies, hospital treatment centers and governmental agencies uniting together to inform the community of resources, to educate, to advocate and to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families.

Doctor talking to a Latin American family at the hospital - healthcare and medicine conceptsMany resources exist to aid those who receive the terrifying news that they or someone they love has cancer. In an effort to connect those resources with the people who need them, the Albuquerque Cancer Coalition united in 1998 to inform, to educate and to advocate on behalf of New Mexico’s cancer patients and their families.

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Each year, the organization produces a Cancer Support & Treatment Directory to share information about member services. This publication is dedicated to the thousands of families across New Mexico who are struggling with cancer, many of whom must travel to Albuquerque for treatment.