NMCC Workgroup

Quality of Life Workgroup

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The Quality of Life Workgroup aims to improve quality of life throughout the cancer trajectory by addressing the financial, emotional and physical stress associated with a cancer diagnosis. By identifying actual and perceived barriers from the perspective of the survivor, caregiver and provider, the group plans to create awareness of available services and programs, provide education regarding current cancer health policy and develop new services to assist with actual barriers identified.

For more information, contact Amy Gundelach at agundelach@salud.unm.edu.


Cancer Survivorship ECHO Sessions

The Quality of Life workgroup conducts at least one presentation a year as part of the Cancer Survivorship ECHO sessions. These sessions are a result of the collaboration between the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center and Project ECHO. One different topic related to cancer survivorship is presented monthly, using the ECHO Model. Learn more and register for the next session here: Cancer Survivorship (unm.edu)

New Mexico Cancer Support and Treatment Directory

Additional resources for cancer survivors and their loved ones can be found in the New Mexico Cancer Support and Treatment Directory, which is available here. The Albuquerque Cancer Coalition maintains the online Directory, and physical copies of the Directory are available upon request, by contacting Maggie Van Heuklon at maggiec.vanheuklon@doh.nm.gov.

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivor Meet-Ups

If you are a cancer survivor who is 18 – 40 years old, you may be interested in taking part in meet-up events. These meet-ups are meant to provide support and community for young survivors. Please contact  jadehogan84@yahoo.com for more information.