Goal 2: Reduce Initiation and Use Of Tobacco Products

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Objective 2.1 Decrease Tobacco Product Use
Measures Baseline Progress 2024 Target
Current adult, 18+, smokeless tobacco user prevalence 4.5% (2018) 3.0%
Current adult, 18+, cigarette smoking prevalence 15.2% (2018) 14%
Current high school youth, grades 9-12, tobacco use (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, hookah or e-cigarettes) 32.7% (2017) 28.0%
Current high school, grades 9-12, youth cigarette smoking prevalence 10.6% (2017) 8.0%


  • Support the development and enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale and restricting the marketing of tobacco products to minors
  • Promote education of youth and young adults on the risks of all tobacco product use, including e-cigarettes
  • Support increasing taxes on tobacco products to increase the purchase price
  • Support community outreach and educational programs to reduce all forms of tobacco use